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Today I am happy to help my good friend Nancy Ward kick off promotion of her new DVD, Sharing YOUR faith story. She is a seasoned writer who has a heart for sharing the joy of the Gospel with all those around her.

Nancy is a convert to the Catholic faith who cannot contain her joy at all God has done and continues to do for us. She blogs at JOY Alive in our hearts. She contributes to the Catholic Writers Guild blog, Catholic Mom, and SpiritualDirection.com. She has spent twenty-five years writing for print and internet sources. She is also a freelance editor.

In everything Nancy writes, she shares a part of herself. Her work embodies the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15, “Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence.” Now Nancy has given us a tool to help us do the same.

Read more and enter the contest on Contemplative Homschoo.coml

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Sharing YOUR Faith Story now available on DVD!

SYFS Cover Amazon lg“Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence.” (1 Peter 3:15,16)

When we are baptized we are commissioned as evangelists. We grow into this role with God’s grace through the sacraments, prayer, blessings and crisis that strengthen us.

What is the most effective way to evangelize? Personal witness. God expresses his love through our story. He created each of us as an unrepeatable expression of his presence. We all have a unique story that no one else can tell.

As I share my conversion story and my renewal story, I demonstrate how to share the story of your conversion, renewal, healing, a miracle or answered prayer. Sharing YOUR Faith Story – a three-part seminar for evangelization puts you at ease with many ways to share your faith story with three talks:

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JOYAlive Contest – Win a DVD and gift card!

CS SYFS DVD CroppedSmallFullCoverDVDImageEnter to win a Sharing YOUR Faith Story DVD and $25 Amazon gift card

Enter the weekly drawing to win a Sharing YOUR Faith Story (SYFS) DVD. Here’s 10 ways to get your name into the weekly drawing for the SYFS DVD and the grand prize of a $25.00 Amazon.com gift card.

1. Comment on featured blog of the day (See schedule below)
3. Follow featured blogger of the day and/or JOYAlive.net. (See schedule below)
4. Follow featured blogger and/or JOYAlive.net on Twitter:  Twitter.com/@NancyHCWard 

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Friar’s Corner: Fill us with your love we shall sing for joy!


Wisdom 7:7-11; Ps 90:12-17; Hebrews 4:12-13; Mark 10:17-30

 Holy Spirit, please fill us with more of your wisdom.

Worldly wisdom according to "Webster’s New World Dictionary," #4 is "a wise plan or course of action." In business this leads to a successful, productive and comfortable life style. In Biblical times this kind of wisdom was written by scribes in royal courts like Egypt. Yet don’t get too close to the Pharaoh because when he dies you will die with him so he has your gifts for his comfortable afterlife. We see this very much in our commercialism and relativism today or you might say “political correctness. “This comes from a pagan and political worldview. Disciples of Jesus are not called to this.

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Got JOY? Latest JOYAlive.net posts 10-9-15

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Featured Favorite: Why I Remain Catholic

The Anchoress Elizabeth Scalia posed the question on her Patheos blog, “Why do I remain Catholic?” to Catholic writers and all media persons in this post. #WhyRemainCatholic is going wild. This conversation is timely for me, for I’ve begun writing and speaking about my faith story. I’m reliving some key moments such as when I gave my life to Jesus at a Protestant youth retreat. In my staunch faith I never dreamed that five years later I would marry in the Catholic Church. The only way God could ever get me to convert to Catholicism was to arrange for me to fall in love with a devout Catholic. My official conversion almost three years later when I realized I belong in the Catholic Church.

Later there’s the story of my renewal, an event that took me from Sunday Catholicism to full time.  It plunged me deep into covenant community 40 years ago. These highlights provide the backdrop of how I arrived where I am today but don’t tell the understory of why I remain Catholic. Why I created a Catholic blog and write incessantly about my faith. Why my career as a writer and speaker winds around my faith. Why l adore the Eucharist. Why I evangelize.

It’s a fact that I feel God’s presence in my beautiful marriage, parishioners and my covenant community. These relationships provide me with spiritual nourishment daily. How could I ever do without these intricate parts of my life? Remaining Catholic doesn’t depend on any earthly structures or relationships, no matter how indispensable they seem right now.

I remain Catholic because it’s who I am, a beloved child of God, best friends with Jesus and a channel of grace and charisms of the Holy Spirit. These don’t depend on whom I’m with or where I worship but on a deep, unshakable conviction that I belong in the Catholic Church where I find the Real Presence of Jesus. He’s my life, my inspiration and my fulfillment. With or without these supportive relationships in my life, he stands alone as my destiny. I was created for him, for Truth. I was meant to be Catholic. There’s no going back from where I belong.

What’s your reason to remain Catholic?

(© 2015 Nancy HC Ward)

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Pope Francis: The Church is and must be the family of God

The spirit of the family is the constitutional charter of the Church

Vatican City, 7 October 2015 (VIS) – During the period of the Synod dedicated to “The vocation and the mission of the family in the Church and the contemporary world”, the catechesis of the Wednesday general audiences will focus on various aspects of the relationship between the Church and the family, the Pope announced this morning to the thousands of faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square. Francis asked all to pray for a good outcome of the Synod assembly, and underlined that the family deserves all the dedication of which the Church is capable, and therefore the Synod is called upon to interpret the care of the Church for the family in our times.

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New Evangelizers: Who does Jesus say that I am?

A classic question that Jesus asks his disciples is, “Who do you say that I am?” That soul-searching question is a popular retreat theme that we all need to ponder.

From another perspective, what if you asked, “Who does Jesus say that I am?” Rather than that courageous question we might be more comfortable asking, “What does Jesus want me to do?” It’s hard to resist our propensity to set a goal and get right to work on it. But that’s like starting out on a journey without looking both ways and deciding which direction to go.

But wait. He cautions us not to give into the temptation to earn our place on earth or in heaven by what we do. That’s the wrong way to discover who we truly are. That path caters to where the world convinces us to go. It steers us toward a false vision of the real person we are and our real value. That’s the wrong goal, as the ladder leaning against the wrong wall. Yes, work is necessary, but in the right direction, in God-inspired right order, specific and individual.

Read more about asking Jesus who you are on New Evangelizers.com

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