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by Lori L. Crock We strive to improve how we execute kettlebell and barbell lifts and movements in the gym. The word striving makes me think of working harder and doing more. In fact, one definition of strive is to … Continue reading

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Eight reasons God’s mercy helps us forgive ourselves

God’s mercy abounds. We see it in all the sacraments as he breathes new life into us at Baptism and Confirmation, feeds us in the Eucharist and forgives us in Reconciliation. As I wrote in How God gave his gift … Continue reading

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Joy Stories: My Restless Heart

  ↵ by Cyndi Lucky “Our hearts are restless until they can find rest in you.” —St. Augustine I was “born and raised” in Dallas, Texas, in a predominately Southern Baptist home.  My two loving parents adopted me at birth. My … Continue reading

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Conversions coming up! by Patti Armstrong

Dear Lord, I pray for the conversion of ______(fill in the blank). We all have names to insert. Divine lightening to strike them into holy submission would be lovely, but even a simple push in the right direction would be … Continue reading

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Teaming up with Saint Monica by Connie Beckman

  ↵   I was introduced to St Monica a few years ago. When I discovered she prayed for her son, St Augustine's conversion for many years and also prayed for her pagan husband's conversion as well, I knew I had … Continue reading

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