Sharing YOUR Faith Story DVD

Part 1 – Sharing Your Conversion Story
Part 2 – Sharing Your Renewal Story
Part 3 – Ten Tips for Sharing Your Faith Story

What’s Sharing Your Faith Story? View demo video.

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The Catholic Mom’s CMom Prayer Companion Cover
Prayer Companion

A Book of Daily Reflections

Edited by Lisa M. Hendey and Sarah A. Reinhard
with four reflections by Nancy Ward

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  1. Nancy Ward says:

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  2. Tina says:

    Please send me the study guide. I will be purchasing this DVD as soon as I’m able. Very timely for me, thank you for this work!
    Ad Jesum Per Mariam

  3. Melina says:

    What an awesome ministry! I’d love to learn how to share my message with more ease 🙂

    • Nancy Ward says:

      It took me years to get the courage to share my faith story. The Holy Spirit was there all along, I just thought I had to do it on my own. You can begin by recording the high points of your relationship with God in a journal. You will soon see a pattern, especially if you also write down the low points. Keeping a journal is the first step to getting ready to share your story.

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