Nancy, Joy Alive editor

Nancy HC Ward, Joy Alive editor

My own struggles and victories have brought me a maturity of spirit and a desire to use my talents, training and insights to share the JOY Alive in my heart. I have seen the results in others and deeply experienced in my own life the joy of the Lord in unexpected and astounding ways. I have such JOY Alive in my heart that I want to share it, sing about it, write about and converse about it with everyone. 

received from the Lord, guided by the Holy Spirit and nurtured through childhood poetry contests and high school creative writing classes and clubs. I then earned a journalism degree, staffed the diocesan newspaper and the Archbishop Sheen Center for Evangelization. This gift has been honed by both professional and ministry opportunities from years of interviewing interesting people and publishing their stories in magazines, newspapers, trade charismMy gift is writing, a
journals and websites.

As an entrepreneur of a writing and editing freelance service, I work with corporate, non-profit, and educational writers and editors to write and edit diverse material.  I have collaborated with many authors, educators, religious and non-profit groups and managed corporate and non-profit newsletters, adding “website editor” to my resume a few years ago.

As a Catholic convert, my personal faith is integrated into my writing. My twenty-five years as newsletter editor and now website editor in a large Catholic covenant community have yielded dozens of poignant, amazing stories of transformation from a bleak existence to a joyful faith life.

This website reaches out both as an expression of my desire to share my own experiences and an invitation to those of you who want to explore a life of joy. As we share our stories we share the joy of our hearts with one another. We will learn more about each another, more about our true selves and more about how intimately the Lord loves us.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

I enjoy speaking to small groups and conferences. My favorite topic is "Sharing YOUR Faith Story," now available on DVD.

Here's a four-minute YouTube excerpt:


I love to share my skills by facilitating editing and non-fiction critique workshops for writers. For a updated list of speaking events, go to Need a Speaker?

See also my Bios.

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Email: editor@joyalive.net
Facebook: Nancy HC Ward
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  1. so many of us who write on faith are Catholic converts- interesting. I am learning so much from you

  2. Number 9 says:

    So glad to have found your blog! I am following via email. I share your joy! Love that Blessed Mother Teresa quote!

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