Pope Francis teaches on the dignity of work

(2015-08-19 Vatican Radio) Pope Francis held his weekly General Audience in the Paul VI Hall on Wednesday. The Holy Father focused his catechetical remarks on the dignity of work. In the English summary read out following the main catechesis in Italian, the Pope explained that work complements our moments of celebration and is also a part of God’s creative design. “Through work,” said Pope Francis, “the family is cared for and children are provided with a dignified life.” The catechesis went on to explain that, in this way, the common good is served, as witnessed by the example of so many fathers and mothers who teach their children the value of work for family life and society. 

Addressing this theme during the main catechesis in Italian, Pope Francis departed from his prepared text to say, “It makes me sad, when I see people without work, who do not find work and haven’t the dignity of bringing bread home – and it cheers me when I see that political leaders make great efforts to find jobs and to seek to make sure that everyone has a job.” The Holy Father went on to say, “Work is sacred, work gives dignity to a family: we must pray that work be not lacking in any family.”

The Holy Father went on to explain that, when we reduce work to profit and disregard its effects on humanity and the world, the environment and our lives suffer.  “God has given Christian families the challenge and mission to make present the foundations of his creation: a true understanding of the identity of man and woman and the bond they share, their call to bring children into the world, and the gift of work in making the world ever more fruitful and hospitable,” his catechesis continued.

Pope Francis concluded with a prayer: “May God help us to embrace this call in joy and hope, especially amidst the many challenges we face today.”

(from Vatican Radio)

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