One author’s take on ‘The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion’

The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion launch at Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show (Photo provided by Nancy Ward)

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion launch at Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show (Photo provided by Nancy Ward)

It was such fun to meet many of the co-authors of The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion at the book launch last month at the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show. What a thrill to be one of the authors of this classic book of daily reflections!

When my copies of The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion arrived in my mailbox, I was elated. What a joy to have this in my hands and leaf through it to see the abundance of wisdom flowing from these authors to moms everywhere.

I looked up my pages that I wrote a year ago to review the dates that I selected for my personal reflections. When I read what I had written, I remembered typing those words, editing them, and sending them to Sarah Reinhard. Reading them now gives me a little chill of excitement and a dose of humility. Why? I realized that these reflections were not my words, but like the quotes that begin each entry, those of the Holy Spirit. He inspired me with the words he gave me to inspire others. I can unabashedly recommend this precious book because I believe the Holy Spirit inspired the other authors as well.

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Nancy HC Ward is a journalist, author, and speaker who blogs about Catholicism, her conversion, and Christian community at,
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