Friars Corner: Jesus said: All who follow me will have the joy of eternal life

Fr. Bob Hilz, TOR

Fr. Bob Hilz, TOR

Genesis 2:7-9, 3:1-7; Ps 51:3-6, 12-13, 17; Romans 5:12-19: Matthew 4:1-11

In St. John 8:12, Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world. No follower of mine shall ever walk in darkness; no, he (or she) shall possess the Light of life.” So let us surround ourselves in his divine Light in our struggles between the Light of Christ and the darkness opposing Jesus. On the weekends, we pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for all clergy, that they have the divine Light to preach the truth of God’s word. Amen! Do not speak out loud, what is your intention for praying these little six-minute “rosaries,” so the devils don’t know what you are praying for. Then, daily, let us pray one chaplet that God give our new administration God’s wisdom to guide them in Biblical values to properly re-direct our country. Let us also pray another chaplet for the conversion of all the terrorists in the world and for peace and justice for all. Amen!This weekend’s liturgy presents the destiny of the human race as told in the tale of two “types” of persons. The first is Adam. He was created from the earth perfect. God breathed into him the breath of life, placed him in a beautiful garden and gave Adam a beautiful wife, Eve. Each night God came to spend time with Adam and Eve, see Genesis 3:8.

This was God’s plan A, an intimate relationship with these humans. Yet the serpent (satan) lured Eve and Adam to eat of the tree of good and evil, which God had commanded them not to eat. They ate fruit from the tree and were removed from the garden. All their children inherited that original sin and a weakened human nature.

Plan B

After a very long time, God enacted his plan B. He sent his Son to earth in the person of Jesus Christ, taking on a full human nature, except the effects of sin. He was then the second Adam. As an adult, Jesus began his public ministry. He called and formed students (disciples) to witness his work of healing, teaching and finally his death on the cross, taking on all the punishment for our sins. Thus Jesus offered us a new life. He offers us a new kingdom of compassion, love and mercy.

If we beg forgiveness for our many sins, as in Psalm 51 today, Jesus promises us eternal happiness with him and all the angels and saints in heaven. So Jesus, we acknowledge our sins and offenses and beg you to create a new mind and heart in us, one of obedience to your teachings. As we follow Jesus and receive his power, we help him build a better life on earth away from corruption, war and death of the evil kingdom of “the serpent” and his followers.

Stand against evil

Matthew’s gospel passage today tells that wonderful story where Jesus went after his baptism by St. John at the river Jordan. He went into the desert for 40 days and nights of fasting and prayer. There satan tempted Jesus three times to follow him. Jesus refused and quotes scripture to satan. Jesus, please draw us closer to you and give us the power to stand in your word and against all the evil distractions of our life and culture.

Holy Spirit, increase in us our Confirmation gift of discernment of spirits. Help us see the evils in and around us, to see where our will and direction are opposed to your will and direction for us. Please give us the grace each day to follow in your footsteps. We are involved in a war between good and evil each day. Give us the grace to choose the good and grow daily closer to God. Our closeness to Jesus helps us trust in him and stand against the confusion and darkness around us.

If you want to hear about the Golden Jubilee of Charismatic Renewal a few weekends ago in Pittsburgh, send me an email, at I was there and am writing an article. A new “fountain of living water” is being poured out on us, if we want to receive it. Jesus, let your fire fall on us and our families. Amen.

+ Fr. Bob Hilz
(©2017 Fr. Bob Hilz, TOR}

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