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CMom Prayer Companion CoverFrom The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion; A Book of Daily Reflections for April 7 by Nancy HC Ward

“Jesus wants evangelizers
who proclaim the good news
not only with 

but above all by a life
transfigured by God’s presence.”

Pope Francis
(Evangelii Gaudium no. 259)

Who is on God’s list of people for you to evangelize today?

Pope Francis encourages us to proclaim God’s Word by the way we live. You can allow God to be God, living in your heart and working through you wherever you are, or you can do the sidestep dance and be miserable.

Do you know that when you read scripture and pray you are in God’s presence, where he can transform you more and more into his image?

What will be your response today during the trials of sickness, financial worries, children acting out, and the overwhelming minute-by-minute demands of motherhood? Are you tempted to focus on yourself? Your needs? Or is the Holy Spirit inspiring you to become the good news?

In the midst of today’s battle, whatever the struggle, respond by choosing to trust God. Tell him that today you are going to trust in his great love. Tell him you desire to live in his presence so he can transform you. Persevere in proclaiming to him, yourself, and everyone around who he is to you by the way you live today.

Let his loving presence overflow from within you. Allow him to live, act, breathe, see, and do through you and your little spot on earth.

Lord, give me the grace to see your Holy Spirit at work in the little ways of my life. Help me cooperate with the Spirit in every little way so that today I can live out God’s purpose of why I’m here.

Question to Ponder: What’s the next thing you can do to become the good news today?

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The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

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