The Holy Spirit is always busy by Caroline Schutz

I had noticed that one of my newest neighbors was having a hard time and each time I saw her she looked like she just simply needed a friend. I thought about knocking on her door, introducing myself and asking if she wanted prayer but I know that is not something most people are open to. I began to pray, asking the Lord if he would open the door (literally) for a chance for me to meet my neighbor and get to know her.

One day I saw her outside and knew this was my opportunity to reach out to her! I quickly introduced myself and began to share about how she will absolutely love the area and the beautiful neighbors we have. She began to share about the sufferings she has had and how she just needs a friend. I sat and stayed with her for well over an hour on her porch just enjoying the evening. She had mentioned that she longs to go out with friends, but that she didn’t have any in our area!

As she was talking I quickly texted some of the Mary Immaculate Church (MIC) staff to inquire about the time and location that Young Adults was getting together. They actually had an event the same evening I met this neighbor! The Holy Spirit is always busy arranging things like this where they perfectly line up!

She ended up joining us for the evening and it was beautiful to see how the MIC Young Adults welcomed her! She was so grateful that we reached out to her, and I hope God continues to draw her closer to Himself.  May we always be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit!!

(© 2014 Caroline Schutz)

Caroline Schutz is Director of Religious Education at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, Farmers Branch, TX. She created the Electronic Nun app to encourage others with a message of the day, available on iTunes  and Google play.

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