The Carpenter’s Work

The Christ by Kovalenko (

The Christ by Kovalenko (

By Robert Schnitzius

I felt strength in the Carpenter’s hands as he cut me from the tree.
I felt the care with which he worked as he shaped and fashioned me.
He sawed and planed with purpose; he formed me straight and long.
He wanted me to serve him well, to stand both true and strong.

I didn’t know, just why he chose my wood to be a cross,
Or that some day, my wood would help him to redeem your loss.
And then that solemn day of pain and crucifixion came.
But when they made him carry me, his hands felt just the same.

He built me for this purpose. I did the best I could.
The blood he shed upon me made me sacred wood.
I bore his weight as he bore yours, this man who is God’s son.
And as he gave his all for you my blessed work was done.

His work of love continues. His work is done by you.
For with your prayer and sacrifice you bless God’s people too.
And when you ponder what He did to save all who were lost
Remember that He gave His all upon a humble cross.

Then Jesus told his disciples, ‘If any man would come after me,
Let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me

(Matthew 16:24)

(© 2017 Robert Schnitzius)

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