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Your true north

  By Christine Roe Featured on CatholicStand.com Many today are getting lost amongst the busy consumer culture, bogged down with appearing successful and fitting in with those around them. This culture tells us that the newest and fanciest cars will … Continue reading

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Eight reasons God’s mercy helps us forgive ourselves

Featured on CatholicMom.com God’s mercy abounds. We see it in all the sacraments as he breathes new life into us at Baptism and Confirmation, feeds us in the Eucharist and forgives us in Reconciliation. As I wrote in How God … Continue reading

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CMom: Resurrection and self-awareness

Featured on CatholicMom.com “In the mystery of the Resurrection lies the summit and the highest intensity of our Christian self-awareness, and therefore that of my new awareness of myself of the way in which I look at all people and … Continue reading

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Who does Jesus say that I am?

A classic question that Jesus asks his disciples is, “Who do you say that I am?” That soul-searching question is a popular retreat theme that we all need to ponder. From another perspective, what if you asked, “Who does Jesus … Continue reading

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NewEvangelizers: The Hair Stylist, the Mass, and the Martyr

Acts 29:1-8 was the First Reading that morning, recounting the story of Paul traveling from Corinth to Ephesus. There he found disciples who became believers through the baptism of repentance by John and were waiting for Jesus. They said, “We … Continue reading

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Got Joy? Latest posts from JOYAlive.net 5-15-15

Stress + prayer = surprise – Under stress of events piling on me, all I could do was pray and surrender it all to God. What a surprise he brought in my circumstances and with it peace and joy Pope … Continue reading

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Stress + prayer = surprise!

It was Wednesday afternoon, and my stress level was building. On Saturday I was giving two talks at the Women’s’ Forum in the morning and hosting a bridal shower in the afternoon.  As I hurried to make it on time … Continue reading

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Featured Favorite: The “Yes” God wants from us

What God wants is for us to say “yes” to him and “no” to everything else. Of the millions of good things available to us, he wants us to have the best. That’s because he loves us so much. He … Continue reading

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