No laptop? Don’t Panic!

As we pulled up into The Parking Spot remote garage near DFW Airport I realized I didn’t have my laptop.  There was no need to look around wondering where it was. Almost two hours ago I efficiently shut it down and packed it in its case along with all the materials I needed to manage two websites. It was still on my office desk. Distracted by the quick pace of loading our bags in the car, I dragged my carry-on past my office without stopping to grab my computer bag.

No need to panic during the short shuttle ride to our departing gate. We would soon be on our way to our daughter’s home in Florida for nine days. There was no going back.

Now what?  That is, now what lessons does the Lord want to teach me through this distraction, besides carefully loading all my luggage in the car before leaving for the airport? What truths can I discover from the Author of Truth?

Perhaps I will learn how much I depend on my laptop.  Perhaps how much time I spend on it and the need for balance in my priorities.

I am dependent on the Lord for everything, even computer availability. He will help me figure out how to post several time-sensitive items ASAP. He will show me innovative ways to fulfill my ministries using whatever computers he provides through the kindness of others.

For sure I will find out day by day what I need to change in my life. I know our loving God has a really good reason for everything he allows to happen to us—even what we cause ourselves.  On him alone, I must rely.

Day two.  My husband’s laptop is available today! The next challenge is recalling the urls and logins stored in my computer bookmarks and keychain—at home. Fortunately my tech support guy and I made major changes in both websites recently so he has all my current logins.  After a day and a night of emailing, waiting for an answer and emailing again I finally accomplished what is normally a 30-minute posting job!

The lesson learned is that with or without my laptop, I am still responsible for the editorial management of these websites. It’s just that without my own laptop, it’s accomplished many hours later.  With the Lord’s help, it is done!

Responsibility can’t be postponed because of distractions. Each diversion creates a detour, only adding to the time and stress it takes to get the job done.

I also learned—again! —that the Lord is with me through all my struggles. His loving presence keeps me sane and relatively peaceful knowing somewhere in my heart Joy is alive.

What distractions has the Lord used to teach you lessons you won’t forget? How did that detour affect your relationship with him?

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