New Evangelizers: Who does Jesus say that I am?

A classic question that Jesus asks his disciples is, “Who do you say that I am?” That soul-searching question is a popular retreat theme that we all need to ponder.

From another perspective, what if you asked, “Who does Jesus say that I am?” Rather than that courageous question we might be more comfortable asking, “What does Jesus want me to do?” It’s hard to resist our propensity to set a goal and get right to work on it. But that’s like starting out on a journey without looking both ways and deciding which direction to go.

But wait. He cautions us not to give into the temptation to earn our place on earth or in heaven by what we do. That’s the wrong way to discover who we truly are. That path caters to where the world convinces us to go. It steers us toward a false vision of the real person we are and our real value. That’s the wrong goal, as the ladder leaning against the wrong wall. Yes, work is necessary, but in the right direction, in God-inspired right order, specific and individual.

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