New Evangelizers: Find a Real Friend in Jesus


While interviewing Gary Zimak about his new book, Find a Real Friend in Jesus: Ten Amazingly Easy Steps, I found a fascinating backstory of how a conversion experience propelled him into a career as a full-time Catholic evangelist.

Nancy: How did God guide you into a career as a Catholic evangelist rather than another career?

Gary: As you know I speak a lot about overcoming anxiety. One of the things about me is that I’m not the bravest person in the world. I’ve never been someone who wanted to be in business for myself. I always wanted the bi-weekly paycheck. These are not the qualities that a full-time evangelist would typically have.

After my conversion took place in 2004, I started wanting to get more involved in my parish. As I learned more about the Lord, I said, “I’ve got to share this with other people.” I got involved with my parish by teaching catechism classes.

Then I felt moved to create my website, As this went on, as I got to know Christ more and share him on a limited level with people, I wanted to share him on a greater level. I got this crazy idea that I wanted to do this full time. I wondered, “Where is this coming from?”

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