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This past month I have been witness to a plethora of awesome and outstanding work produced by people I follow on Twitter, Facebook and various blogs. Three of these people I’ve come to know on this website; Greg Willits, Nancy Ward and Sarah Reinhard. Each has given us some great new tools to support our evangelization efforts.

The first program is called Life Changers, a downloadable audio program by Greg Willits. I’ve written a full review, but as I’ve listened to more of the sessions I am even more impressed. What I appreciate about the program is that each session is short, very focused, and straightforward. If you want to listen to more than one a time it is not overwhelming. Greg is not afraid to bring up the difficult teachings of the Church but does so in a non-judgmental, find out the facts way. And the great thing about this program, the cost. But you need to click on Life Changers to find that out!

The next program is a DVD series from Nancy Ward. As Nancy explains, ““All baptized Christians have a unique story and all are meant to be evangelists. The most effective way to evangelize is through the faith story only we can tell.” Her Sharing YOUR Faith Story seminar answers the question, “How do I give my personal witness?”  In a series of three talks Nancy discusses Sharing Your Conversion Story; Sharing Your Renewal Story; Ten Tips for Sharing Your Story. The DVD is ideal for Catholic leaders of small or large gatherings, Bible studies, retreats, evangelization seminars and parish missions. A free study guide is available at to complement the DVD. Sharing YOUR Faith Story DVD is available on Amazon, Create Space eStore and the store.

Read more and see the video on New

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About Nancy Ward

Nancy HC Ward is a journalist, author, and speaker who blogs about Catholicism, her conversion, and Christian community at,
 7 websites and 7 magazines. She loves to share her faith story and help others share theirs through her Sharing Your Faith Stories seminars, also available on DVD. She contributed four chapters to The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion. She facilitates the Dallas/Fort Worth Catholic Writers and a critique group for the Catholic Writers Guild, where she serves as a board member.
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