In honor of James Foley: A Prayer for Journalists

A Prayer for Journalists

St. Francis de Sales,
patron saint of writers
and journalists

Almighty God,

Strengthen and direct, we pray,
the will of all whose work it is to write what many read,
and to speak where many listen.

May we be bold to confront evil and injustice:
understanding and compassionate of human weakness;
rejecting alike the half-truth which deceives,
and the slanted word which corrupts.

May the power which is ours, for good or ill,
always be used with honesty and courage,
with respect and integrity,
so that when all here has been written, said and done,
we may, unashamed, meet Thee face to face.


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About Nancy Ward

Nancy HC Ward is a journalist, author, and speaker who blogs about Catholicism, her conversion, and Christian community at,
 7 websites and 7 magazines. She loves to share her faith story and help others share theirs through her Sharing Your Faith Stories seminars, also available on DVD. She contributed four chapters to The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion. She facilitates the Dallas/Fort Worth Catholic Writers and a critique group for the Catholic Writers Guild, where she serves as a board member.
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2 Responses to In honor of James Foley: A Prayer for Journalists

  1. Nancy,

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer for writers and journalist. I never knew that St Francis de Sales is the patron saint of writers and journalists. We ask his protection and intercession on all our written and spoken words as we attempt to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in our lives. 

    • Nancy Ward says:

      Thanks, Connie. I feel that pray is the best action we can take sometimes when we feel helpless. Enlisting the saints to intercede boosts our prayer power. Praying for James Foley and the other journalists who are imprisoned is right in St. Francis de Sales’ department.

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