Fun interview on Finding God’s Grace

It’s exciting to share my faith story on the upcoming CatholicConfernce4Moms. The conference is free, presented online March 6-9 with 24 speakers. “Beyond survival, onto revival” is a chance for busy moms to pause and remember God’s presence in our lives.

Preparing and promoting this exciting conference is quite a media trip for me.  I recorded my first video talk and finally met Tony Agnesi after months of tagging each other’s posts on the web. He’s the host of a new show, Finding God’s Grace, airing several times a week over Relevant Radio and Living Bread Affiliates.

Sharing Your Faith Story, the topic of my video talk for the conference, is the topic of our interview. A preview of the high points of my conversion story took up the first two segments, with the last one giving details of the conference. We announced that after the conference email subscribers to would receive the booklet, Sharing Your Faith Story and a 10% discount on conference DVDs.

The interview runs live on Living Bread Radio at 2 pm EST Wednesdays and at 2 pm on Sundays:

and is archived at

The program runs at 10 am EST on Friday on Annunciation Radio’s four stations.  Their link is here:

Don’t get Finding God’s Grace in your area? Listen online:

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Nancy HC Ward is a journalist, author, and speaker who blogs about Catholicism, her conversion, and Christian community at,
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