Friar’s Corner: Our hearts were burning as he spoke and our eyes were opened as he broke bread for us.

Acts 2:14, 22-33; Ps 16:1-2, 5, 7-11;
1 Peter 1:17-21; Luke 24:13-25

I shall limit myself here to gospel reflections. St. John and St. Luke give us more of the Easter day appearances of Jesus. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide your reading and reflection. As we read these two gospels about Christ’s resurrection appearances on Easter from morning to night, we get a fuller picture of all the events. Who saw Jesus? What did he say? How did they recognize and touch Jesus in his glorified body? With these reflections we too can “touch” Jesus.

In St. Luke’s account today two disciples leave Jerusalem disappointed and discouraged. They were discussing the past events as they walk along. Suddenly a stranger began to walk with them who seemed to know nothing of the events of the passion. They told him about the past days and their dashed hopes. Jesus them spent much time telling them why those events had to happen to bring the human race back into the kingdom of God by forgiving all their past sins. Their hearts were burning to hear about that good news and its hope for Israel. Yet they were restrained to recognize Jesus.

At dusk they ask that “stranger” to stay with them. They went to an inn to have dinner and rest for the night. At the table Jesus took the bread, said the blessing, broke the bread and gave it to them. Only then were their eyes opened and they recognized him. Suddenly Jesus vanished. They immediately got up and ran back to the Upper Room in Jerusalem.

St. John picks up then to tell the rest of the evening story. Jesus appeared to them all except Thomas. Jesus is the new Moses taking the Jewish faith in a new Passover and direction. We have been part of that new direction for almost two thousand years.

St. John did not give a Eucharistic story at the Last Supper. He dealt with it in chapter 6. First Jesus fed five thousand men. Yet there you must do more math. It was not a “men’s retreat.” You must add the wives, children and other relatives and friends. And they had leftovers.relatives and friends. And they had leftovers.

The truly amazing and awesome thing is that this miracle continues each day at daily Mass. We sit at the feet of Jesus listening to our ancient history and stories about Jesus’ ministry. Those of us who attend daily Mass usually go in the morning so we have “breakfast” with Jesus. The further daily miracle is that Jesus is our “spiritual food.” It is his sacred ongoing sacrifice andsacred meal. And there are some leftovers we keep in the tabernacle. Is this awesome or not? Yet how many of our people understand and go to be with Jesus? So many are still prevented from seeing Jesus.

 Let us daily pray for the opening of eyes to see God’s plan and minds to understand this ongoing miracle. Know we are invited to participate more and lead others to this great banquet. We are called to be evangelists leading other to these great treasures. Do not be afraid to tell others. We give Jesus what little we have and he will do the rest.

May these Easter graces fill us to overflowing. Have a great week. Peace and great joy!

+ Fr. Bob Hilz.
(© 2014 Fr. Bob Hilz, TOR)


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2 Responses to Friar’s Corner: Our hearts were burning as he spoke and our eyes were opened as he broke bread for us.

  1. dianero2014 says:

    Amen! Tears came to my eyes as I received Eucharist this morning. Do those who left the Church know the Real Presence and the Real story? No they are still seeking…help them Lord to return home!

    • Nancy Ward says:

      Diane, my heart is with your heart, both of us with a passion for the Real Presence. Your anguish over those who have left the church deserves some attention, some intercessory prayers for them, and I join you in that.

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