Friars Corner: Have in you the same attitude (mind) as Jesus Christ.

Ezekiel 18:25-28; Ps 25:4-9; Phil 2:1-11; Matthew 21:28-32

Dear Holy Spirit, please guide our minds to be in harmony with you and Jesus accomplishing the will of our heavenly Father.

St. Paul encourages us in the second reading, Philippians 2:5, to have the same attitude as does Jesus, loving God and our neighbor. That means doing good for others.

St. John tells us in 1 John 4:10 that it is not that we love God first. It is that he has loved us first. As we are filled up with his love, we are supposed to radiate that love to others. We need the Holy Spirit in this process.

"The Paraclete, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name, will instruct you in everything, and remind you of all that I told you."  (John 14:26)

St. Paul told us in Romans 12:2, that we need to have our minds renewed by the Holy Spirit. It is that the Holy Spirit updates our mental computer system as we periodically update our physical computers and virus protection.

When we were baptized into Christ Jesus, the whole Trinity came to live in us. They gave us ten gifts to personally grow in their life. First we were given faith, hope and love. Then we got wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety (to reverence God) and fear of God (or great respect for our Creator).

The Sacrament of Confirmation continues to give us various ministry gifts to help others grow and know God. These scripture teachings help us understand how God continues to show us his plan and power in us. We are to help him make the world a better place to live in.

The grace of Baptism in the Holy Spirit is not another sacrament but rather a special grace not just to know who Jesus was and is, and to develop a personal relationship with each member of the Holy Trinity. Baptism "turns on the lights" of understanding in our minds so we know what God wants us to know. We are lead to Jesus personally and a daily prayer life. We get so excited about Christ’s love that we get our God-battery charged. Then we want to go out into the world to tell others about Jesus and his plan for us.

Jesus’ story in the Gospel today has a father telling his sons to go out and work. One does and the other does not. What will their reward be? We have a great work to do in the world around us in our family, relatives, friends, work and church.

We are to bring the good news of Jesus to others and invite them into this wonderful relationship. If we are lit up with the bright light of Jesus Christ we shine more brightly in the world. Then we light up their torches so they burn with the light of Christ.

Many of us throughout the world have a beautiful song we sing written by Graham Kendric:

"Shine, Jesus shine. Fill this land with the Father’s glory.
Blaze, Spirit, blaze. Set our hearts on fire.
Flow, river, flow. Flood the nations with grace and mercy.
Send forth your Word Lord, and let there be light."

God wants to see all of us ablaze with his light so our area and country will explode with the fire of his love. May Jesus directly appear to all throughout the world who want to harm others. May Jesus directly convert them as he did Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus.

Have a great week as God’s lights in our world. Please continue your prayers, especially the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, for the spiritual defeat of Islamic terrorists, their emissaries and the protection of our own country. Thank you, in Jesus' Name.

+ Fr. Bob Hilz.
(© 2014 Fr. Bob Hilz, TOR)
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