Friar’s Corner: Father, we need your wisdom to understand your plan for us

1 Kings 3:5; 7-12; Ps 119:57, 72, 76-77; 128-130; Romans 8:28-30; Mt 13:44-46

What we have in these parable stories of Jesus are different explanations of what the Kingdom of God is and how we are to live in it as opposed to the kingdom of the world, governments and satan. In the readings this weekend, young King Solomon asked God to give him wisdom and understanding to rightly govern God’s numerous chosen people. And God granted Solomon that wish. The Psalm carries that theme.

The few sentences in Romans 8, explain God’s ultimate plan for our lives. God wants us to be eternally happy with him in heaven. That is why we were created; we were predestined. Here on earth we have been programmed in many ways to the world, our fallen nature. Jesus came to teach us to get on the right track in his kingdom. He forgave our sins and mistakes by his death on the Cross. The Holy Spirit is trying to re-program our minds to think and act like Jesus with God’s wisdom. His grace is here to conform us to be the image of Jesus. We have been called, saved (justified) and if we follow Jesus, guided by his Holy Spirit and his Church, we shall have a glorious inheritance, eternal life in heaven. Each of us has to say our own "yes" to God’s plan. Our true self is to be the best person God has created us to be. Not like other people. We are to spread God’s love to everyone around us. Yet we need his daily grace which is divine power, Romans 5:5.

Jesus uses two images in the gospel. In the first, heaven is compared to a treasure buried in a field. What will we do to get the treasure? The second image is a net thrown into the sea, collecting all kinds of things. As the net is pulled, the fish are separated from the junk. These images refer to Christ’s church. These treasures are available free to all. Yet the money needed to provide all of the services does not grow on special trees in the back yard. God relies on our generosity to help provide the resources.

The church is full of all kinds of treasures for the asking. If we are a part of it we can have all kinds of treasures. We go out into the world and give the good things we have received, the blessings, to others. We and come back for more to give away.

Then we are to evangelize. What is that? Go tell others about Jesus and all of these treasures and bring them in to get their own treasures. And on it goes. We are to take this good news to everyone who will listen and accept. We give God what little we have and he multiplies it. Yet we must do something.

Have a blessed week collecting the treasures Jesus won for you. Our prayers and works can save many and make this world a better place to live in. Amen!

Peace and all good!
+ Fr. Bob Hilz

(© 2014 Fr. Bob Hilz, TOR)

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    Wonderful thoughts here. Thank you.

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