Come, Holy Spirit

Featured in The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections

“Acquire the Holy Spirit and thousands around you will acquire salvation” – St. Seraphim of Sarov

St. Seraphim dreamed big. Honored by both the Roman Catholic (today) and Orthodox (January 15) calendars, this wonderworker emphasized seeking communion with God as the true purpose of life for every Christian. St. Seraphim’s life demonstrated that everything else was merely the means for “acquiring the Holy Spirit.”

Wait! Didn’t we acquire the Holy Spirit at baptism and weren’t we sealed with the gift of the Spirit at Confirmation? Can’t we acquire more of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Reconciliation or receive the Eucharist? A resounding “yes” to all of these.

How do we acquire the Holy Spirit when we are alone, frustrated, and confused?

A prayer that works anywhere, anytime: “Come, Holy Spirit!” This calms us and brings us into communion with God.

This is a prayer for clarity murmured first thing in the morning before you are sure what day it is or what you’ll face. It’s a prayer for perseverance when you find joy in what you are accomplishing until interruptions disrupt your every intention.

You can say this quick prayer in the middle of a traffic jam, an argument with your boss, or a bout of the flu — all means of acquiring the Holy Spirit.

Saint Seraphim doesn’t promise that this prayer will change anything around you—just those in your growing circle of influence. Wait for it and watch it happen!

Come, Holy Spirit! Be my companion throughout the day and help me respond in a way that brings others closer to you.

To Ponder: We all have difficult people in our lives. How can invoking the Holy Spirit help you when you with such people?

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