and Prayer Companion win big at CPA!

Last weekend, the highlight of the Catholic Press Association (CPA) conference was their Book Awards. And the First Place in the Prayer Collections category is — The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, from the imprint at Ave Maria Press. It is thrilling to be one of the many contributing authors of this book of daily reflections who received this keeper email yesterday:

Dear Co-Authors,

I am thrilled to share the wonderful news that YOUR book, The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, earned the First Place award in the “Collections of Prayers” category this past weekend at the Catholic Press Association in Quebec.

The judges said of our book:

“The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion contains daily reflections for parents written by a variety of talented authors. Each day begins with a quote from Scripture, Saints or notable persons. The reflection which follows is short, personal and meaningful. A short personal prayer and a thought to ponder follow the reflection. The book is a treasure for all seeking wisdom, hope and interior peace.”

A full list of all of the CPA book winners is listed here. We hope that you’ll share this joyful news with your friends and encourage them to check out the book or to leave a review for us on Amazon if they have been blessed by praying with the book. 

This recognition for your work is another compelling testimony to the power of unique and diverse voices to come together to offer light, love and support to the readers we aim to serve. I am so moved when I hear from women (and men!) who pray daily with your work. Please know that you are blessing so many!


The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion launch at Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show
(Photo provided by Nancy Ward)

CMN Launch

You can read about my experience in writing for this book in One Author’s take on The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion. That blog post also talks about the book launch at the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show last year. A thrilling time then – and now with the First Place Award!

I’m grateful to my mentors, Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard, who patiently rounded up all the authors and their reflections. These two worked with Ave Maria Press and did an artful job of presenting the daily reflections to the readers. The short, thick book is handy to tuck under your arm or in your bag for that moment when you need inspiration, and you need it now!

The next email – more excitement!

The next email I got yesterday was just as exciting. It was from Barb Szyszkiewicz, the Wonder Woman editor who keeps the website running smoothly. I  began blogging there in 2012. 


We shared the following exciting news today at the blog and wanted to make sure that you heard that YOU are an “award winning” blogger! Thank you for all you do to serve our readers and to be a part of our community! As we anticipate our formal joining together with Holy Cross Family Ministries on July 1, it’s exciting to anticipate the many blessings yet to come.

Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Lisa and Barb

The Catholic Press Association Honors, Prayer Companion

The Catholic Press Association (CPA) collectively honored contributing authors at the annual Catholic Press Association Awards ceremony, held this year in Quebec, Canada. won a second place award for the Best Group or Association Blog. Evaluators observed,

This blog covered a wide range of subjects including: baby name suggestions, holiday specials, service trip information, book reviews, grief, technology, etc. There was an abundance of content, which made evaluating each article nearly impossible, but demonstrates a commitment to the blog and to providing the readers with interesting and diverse content. has received this award each year since 2014, and each and every one of‘s over 125 volunteer authors deserve congratulations for their generosity in sharing their encouraging, helpful, entertaining and thoughtful work. We encourage our readers to show appreciation for our wonderful authors by leaving comments on articles that touch your heart, or by sharing them on social media or via email.


Global mission of family prayer

The announcement in Lisa’s email that will be joining the Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM) came a few days before the CPA awards. This new partnership will spread the joy in many languages to families in the 16 countries where HCFM has mission offices.

Sainthood candidate Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, founded HCFM. How appropriate that it now has under its wing the award-winning site that spawned The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion. Fr. Peyton is well known for his famous slogan, “The family that prays together stays together.” Now the family and HCFM have a joint global mission of family prayer. Amen!

I’m doing my Happy Dance!

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