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Got Joy? Latest posts 8-18-17

Who owns your body? Keep Calm and Carry On   Friars Corner: Listen for that tiny whisper

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Who owns your body?

For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body. (1 Cor 6:20) Our permissive culture subtly deceives us is into believing that our bodies are our own. It gives us permission to use them to … Continue reading

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Circle of Good: Loving the sinner

featured on Our parents and spiritual mentors taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. This haunting story, compelling me to share it. The author is unknown and the facts cannot be authenticated. Like a biblical parable, the message … Continue reading

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You are being watched!

Featured on In your neighborhood, at work, school and on the soccer field; at the movies, at the mall and at church, curious eyes are on you. You are being watched. Why you? Because everyone around you craves something … Continue reading

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Got Joy? Latest posts 7-21-17

Featured Favorite: God doesn’t create clones Featured Favorite: God is my Healer Friars Corner: Christian fruitfulness brings us joy even in trials and difficulties  

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Featured Favorite: God doesn’t create clones

I grew up in the shadow of my sister who was 18 months older than me. I followed her around, copying her every preference and obeying her every request. She convinced me that her likes and dislikes, friends and fashions … Continue reading

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Joy Story: From Atheist to Happy Catholic

By Julie Davis My parents are atheists so there was no religion in our home. They never tried to prejudice us against religion; they just never talked about it. It was kind of like talking about sex … it was … Continue reading

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The Surprising Charisms of the Holy Spirit

What are your spiritual gifts? Has the Holy Spirit ever surprised you with the grace to serve in a way you never imagined? Or taken your natural talent and empowered you to use it to honor God? For me, writing … Continue reading

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