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Got Joy? Latest posts on 11-3-17

Featured Favorite: Resurrection and Self-Awareness One eye in heaven Friars Corner: Thank you Lord, for your awesome love for all of us  

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Featured Favorite: Resurrection and Self-Awareness

“In the mystery of the Resurrection lies the summit and the highest intensity of our Christian self-awareness, and therefore that of my new awareness of myself of the way in which I look at all people and all things,” writes … Continue reading

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One eye in heaven

When the nurse removed the bandage the day after cataract surgery on my right eye, immediately I noticed something strange and beautiful. The walls and medical equipment on the left side of the room were the normal tan tones of … Continue reading

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I was a pagan, hedonistic, man-hating feminist. But now I’m Catholic. This Is my story

by Catherine Quinn How I found happiness in the place I least expected Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to God, or the Catholic Church. I knew that my grandparents were Catholic, but no one talked about this, and I didn’t … Continue reading

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Simple Acts of Love

“Any simple act of love, done in obedience and humility, reaches all the way into eternity.” This profound word, spoken at a recent prayer meeting, shocks those embroiled in our toxic culture. The world tells us we are to do … Continue reading

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Six Lessons of 9-11

After 16 years, I still keep a poster on the wall of my office advertising the National Book Festival, which my husband and I attended on September 8, 2001. All kinds of booths and entertainment venues filled the National Mall … Continue reading

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Joy Stories: ‘Jesus loves me’

by Linda Schubert I spent my early childhood years on my grandmother’s 2400-acre ranch high up in the Santa Lucia mountain range along the Northern California coast between Monterey and Big Sur. My early education was in a one-room school … Continue reading

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Got Joy? Latest posts 8-25-17

Pressed into Service Strange Gods: Moments of distraction Friars Corner: The joy of Jesus’ merciful healing

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